Events that do not lose importance over time.
Filosofia brand
'If you will it, it is no dream', said Theodor Herzl and proved it. He took the dream of an entire nation - to return to the promised land, - and made it a reality. Despite all the difficulties, he gave the Jews their country.
After centuries of wandering and life's trials, the great Jewish people returned to the sacred land, which had long been lost... Many believed that it would be forever. But not the true Jews. So, many centuries of anxious waiting and humility have passed...
However, does it matter how long your absence lasts, when you return to your home?

Memory is all that remains when the time has already passed... Yet memory is eternal and sacred. We believe that remembering the history of our ancestors is a guarantee of a happy future for new generations.

Watches of the Filosofia brand also began with a dream of creating something beautiful, comfortable, luxurious and memorable. And we achieved it. Our watches are a combination of style and the latest technologies. Our designers drew inspiration from the history of the great nation. Combining symbols and modern design, we have kept traditions that are memorable to Jews.

All models of the Filosofia line watches are issued to some significant events: historical, sport related or cultural.

The release of the Filosofia series watches is timed to the 70th anniversary of the independence of Israel, an emotional moment for each representative of the chosen people.

The first model of the watch, which we would like to proudly present to you, is made in the sky-blue colour, symbolizing the free sky of the promised land.

Give yourself or your loved ones original watches with a deep philosophical meaning, made in limited edition! You cannot remain indifferent, as time flows quickly.